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Dear Friends in District 22, 

The past year has been remarkable in several significant ways.  The legislative session that just ended was productive. For those who would like to see the details, click here to view my end-of session-letter.

A few highlights:

  • Criminal Justice Reform will shift the focus from mass incarceration to a more thoughtful approach that includes treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Full Funding of K-12 Education formulas. Finally, after a legislative mandate was put in place last year, Gov. Larry Hogan has funded the operation of all our public schools according to the plan laid out in the Bridge to Excellence legislation.
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work legislation will make wage discrimination illegal for employers with more than 15 workers and allow workers to share information about their pay.  
  • Guaranteed support to keep our hospital on track until the new Regional Medical Center is built at Largo Town Center. The Legislature overrode the Governor’s veto to assure funding over the next several years.

Perhaps my greatest personal success this year was the passage of the Pollinator Protection Act of 2016. The culmination of three years of hard work, this bill is actually landmark legislation, the first time any state has been able to restrict consumer use of a class of systemic pesticides that have been shown to harm bees and other pollinators. The major chemical companies that produce these “neonic” insecticides have fought against any regulation for years. With my bill, Maryland is the first in the nation to take this on in any way. I remain hopeful that Gov. Hogan may sign or at least not veto the bill, but even if he does, I am confident that the overwhelming votes the bill received in both Houses of the Legislature will stand strong if an override vote becomes necessary.

I look forward to getting out in the community again. Last year was so wonderful, with so many new economic development and quality-of-life projects underway. Not only are our communities actively engaged in trying to make our little corner of the world a better place, but we are seeing a transformation that many have looked forward to for a long time.

We had an unusual number of ground breakings and ribbon cuttings, signaling new life in District 22.

Following is a sampling of what I have seen and heard:

Economic Re-development continues

  • Work is progressing steadily on the new Whole Foods development on the Cafritz property fronting U.S.1 in Riverdale Park. Right now, they are moving utility lines to accommodate the bridge over the railroad tracks and onto Paint Branch Parkway and River Road near the M Square Research Park. Pretty soon we will see not only the Whole Foods everyone is talking about, but also a nice “boutique” Hyatt hotel and more shops and restaurants.
  • The new Safeway has opened at University Town Center in Hyattsville, just outside District 22. A great addition to our community.  
  • There is a brand new, state of the art rehab facility on the campus of Doctors Community Hospital on Good Luck Road. This is a harbinger of the new way health care is being delivered in the United States. Federal changes in reimbursement policies are aimed at reducing costly hospital stays while serving patient needs for continuing care.
  • Ground was broken on the transformation of the old Marche flower shop on US 1 in Hyattsville into a charming venue for Artworks Now and Pizzeria Paradiso. Not even a truck crashing into the old hothouse will slow this one down. Thanks to our local neighbors bringing their expertise and creativity to their own hometown!
  • The Purple Line contracts have been accepted and work should begin soon.

Now that the 2016 Session has ended, my office is busy processing all the scholarship applications we have received. We will be making the awards later in the summer after my volunteer committee has the opportunity to review everything. I hope to see many of you at community meetings, picnics and fish fries this Spring and Summer.

Until next time, feel free to contact me at my Annapolis Office, 301-858-3961or by email at Anne.Healey@house.state.md.us


anne healey
Anne Healey


Authority: Friends of Anne Healey, Christopher Arthur, Treasurer

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