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• Supported sick leave legislation because people shouldn't have to choose between their health and their job.

• Froze tuition at public universities and created a program to help young Marylanders pay off student debt. 


• Pushed for the construction of new schools and rehabilitation of older schools.

• Prioritized learning over testing in the classroom.


• Fought for the Purple Line to ease congestion and bring jobs and investment into Prince George's County.

Photos from bill signing on May 8 for HB531 and HB633

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Dear Friends,

The 2018 legislative session has been a busy one. Our first order of business was to uphold vital legislation passed in our previous session, by overriding Governor Hogan’s veto of the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act. This law will save nearly 700,000 Marylanders from having to make the terrible choice of going to work sick, sending an ill child to school, sacrificing needed income – or even losing their job.

The General Assembly also overrode the Governor’s veto of the 21st Century Schools Facilities Act, to provide $400 million in school construction and an additional $10 million in school safety funding.

This year’s State Budget includes $1.4 billion in direct state aid to Prince George’s county.  Included in this total was money to:

 Enhance public education  -  $1.1 billion

 Support mass transit and other transportation priorities – $13.3 million

 Protect our environment - $8.2 million

 Stabilize our health care system – $6.5 million

 Protect public safety – $21.5 million

I had several important legislative successes that will protect the people of Maryland:

HB 633 – Shielding of Real Property Records: Taking effect in January of 2019, this law authorizes a participant in the Address Confidentiality Program for victims of domestic violence or the Human Trafficking Address Confidentiality Program to request the shielding of real property records. Eligible participants will be able to use an address assigned by the Office of the Secretary of State as a substitute address for all purposes.
(Signed into law by Governor Larry Hogan on May 8, 2018)

HB 531 - Motor Vehicles - Operation When Approaching Vehicle With Visual Signals: This law applies the existing “move over” requirement found in Maryland Vehicle Law to other specified vehicles. Under the new law, a driver approaching (from the rear) a commercial vehicle providing emergency maintenance to a disabled vehicle, a service vehicle, or a waste or recycling collection vehicle that is stopped, standing, or parked on a highway and using an applicable visual signal must make a lane change, unless otherwise directed by a police officer or a traffic control device.
(Signed into law by Governor Larry Hogan on May 8, 2018)

HB 548 – Privately Owned Transportation Projects – Construction and Authorization to Use State-Owned Rights of Way and Property: This bill greatly restricts privately owned transportation projects (as defined by law) from being constructed on state-owned right-of-way or property, unless the effects on the environment are studied.

In response to community concerns about the proposed Superconducting Magnetic Levitation Train (“SCMAGLEV”) and Hyperloop projects, my committee (Environment and Transportation) called in the proponents and required them to explain themselves on the record.

Other notable accomplishments during the 2018 legislative session include: 

School Safety and Enhanced Funding

  • School Safety Fund - $12.5 million in school safety grants to local school systems, to be used for such things as training of school resource officers, wraparound services for individuals exhibiting concerning behavior and the creation of a mental health services coordinator for each school system.
  • Education Lockbox – voters will decide whether the state’s casino money should be dedicated to public education.
  • $68.2 million in additional school construction funding is allocated for counties with significant enrollment growth. Prince George’s County will receive  $18.7 million of this
  • Jill Wrigley Memorial Scholarship Expansion Act – expanding financial aid and part-time grant programs to include “Dreamers” who are eligible for in-state tuition.


  • Maryland Metro Funding Act – will provide $167 million more per year in dedicated funding
  • Highway User Revenues will be restored by $60 million for counties and $37 million for municipalities
  • Emergency Vehicles – Organ Delivery Vehicles – With the signing of this legislation, organ delivery vehicles will be designated as emergency vehicles, for purposes of motor vehicle laws throughout the state.

Protecting the Environment

  • Guarding Maryland’s $1.8 billion offshore wind projects
  • Ensuring Maryland remains in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (“RGGI”) & U.S Climate Alliance
  • Protecting Maryland’s waters by imposing  strict liability for offshore drilling oil/gas spills
  • Increasing solar grants for moderate income households
  • Pressuring the Administration to create two new oyster sanctuaries

Stabilizing Health Care

  • Passed a Federal waiver to institute a reinsurance program to cover high risk patients
  • Required insurers to fund the program with a one-time 2.75% fee currently waived at the Federal level
  • Required the state to establish an anonymous tip line to report suspected oversubscribing of medications; and examine prescription and treatment history of individuals who have overdosed
  • Enhanced prescription drug monitoring program

Securing Public Safety

  • Protected victims of sexual assault by enacting the Rape Survivor Protection Act, allowing the court to remove the parental rights of the victim’s attacker
  • Banned bump stocks, with a penalty for violating the ban up to three years in jail and a $5,000 fine.
  • Passed legislation to take guns away from domestic abusers
  • Allowed law enforcement to confiscate firearms from: domestic abusers who don’t turn themselves in, and any person considered a danger to themselves or others ( “red flags”)
  • Increased Safe Streets funding by $3.6 million
  • Provided for gun-free higher education zones on public campuses


  • Banning the practice of conversion therapy to change gender identification or sexual orientation of a minor by licensed medical professionals
  • Providing for automatic voter registration to Marylanders, while they are renewing a driver’s license
  • Providing for voter registration on election day


The Capital Budget included the following funding for District 22:

  • Lanham Boys and Girls Club - A $75,000 grant to the Board of Directors of the Lanham Boys and Girls Club
  • Greenbelt Station Hiker and Biker Trail - A $75,000 grant to the Mayor and City Council of the City of Greenbelt for the planning and construction of the Greenbelt Station Hiker and Biker Trail.  The Greenbelt Station project is more than just a hiker and biker trail. This long awaited trail will provide a pedestrian-safe, walking trail to the Greenbelt metro station
  • Armory Plaza - A $300,000 grant to be used by the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation for the development of  Armory Plaza,  on U.S. 1 in Hyattsville

We had a challenging but productive session. There will always be new challenges, and with your help and support, we will face them together. I encourage you to stay in contact with me, and I will do my best for you.

Additional information and details may be found on the Maryland General Assembly website: http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/webmga/frm1st.aspx?tab=home

Delegate Anne Healey
Chair, Rules and Executive Nominations Committee
Legislative District 22, Prince George’s County
(310)-858-3961  (410)-841-3961