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It's official. Filed to run for
re-election as Delegate for District 22!

Join your 22nd District Legislative Team for the 13th Annual Annapolis Reception celebrating Martin Luther King's Birthday! RSVP to 301-858-3058 or by email.

Proud to be endorsed by the Sierra Club Maryland Chapter!

Ribbon cutting for the new Comcast store

New Carrollton Day

Door knocking with Councilman Todd Turner in Greenbelt! We have GREAT constituents!

Re-opening of Shortcake Bakery with owner
Cheryl Harrington

With Del. Tawanna Gaines and constituents in Palmer Park

Planting trees on Arbor Day

Friends in District 22,

It has been a while since I have been able to send out one of these newsletters. A lot has been happening in District 22 and in the General Assembly. Our hard work has come to fruition in many parts of the District. Groundbreakings have turned into ribbon-cuttings and flourishing new businesses to serve our community. Landmark legislation has passed, creating new opportunities and protecting our environment. Large, transformative initiatives are underway to tie our communities together as never before and to improve the quality of life in Prince George’s County.

Of course, challenges remain. Indeed, new challenges are popping up all the time. Not the least of the work we need to do in the 2018 Legislative Session is in reaction to unprecedented and unpredictable actions by the Federal Government. Maryland has long relied on a special relationship with our Federal partners, but now we may have to stand against Federal actions that threaten to undermine the progress we have been making in vital areas such as health, education, protection of the Chesapeake Bay and our environment, and the financial well being of the State and our residents.

On the local scene, Topic A seems to be “MAGLEV” – that’s a proposed Magnetic Levitation train being studied under a Federal grant. At the moment, three potential routes are being evaluated. If approved, one would be chosen to go from D.C. to Baltimore with a stop deep under BWI Airport. The project, which Gov. Hogan has enthusiastically supported in concept, would go under significant sections of District 22. Although the technology is in use in Japan and China, it has not been built underground anywhere. Our residents are alarmed, and with reason. No one connected with the study would appear at the community forum District 22 had at Eleanor Roosevelt HS last month. We have called for a public briefing before the relevant committees of the legislature this month and we fully expect the state agencies to answer our questions at that time. Please go to the Maryland General Assembly website here to find out about the meeting.

All this drama will require the wisdom of seasoned veteran leaders. That is why I have decided to run for reelection with my District 22 colleagues. Sen. Paul Pinsky, Del. Tawanna Gaines. Del. Alonzo Washington and I have forged a strong and successful team for our constituents. We each bring expertise and experience that have made our team one of the most effective in Annapolis.

Following is a short list of some of our more significant accomplishments:

Landmark Legislation: Once again, we have passed landmark legislation, including Banning Fracking, Protecting Pollinators, Providing earned sick leave for most employees in the state, overhauling the state’s legal system through the Justice Reinvestment Act, and empowering our Attorney General to go to court to protect the people and the state from Federal actions that could harm us.

Progress through sustained effort is bringing major, transformative initiatives to life in Prince George’s County, including:

The new University of Maryland Capital Region Medical Center at Largo Town Center. This will be a state-of-the-art academically supported Medical Center to serve the entire Prince George’s County/Southern Maryland region with world class programs delivered in a world class facility.

The Purple Line will connect and spur redevelopment along the corridor between the New Carrollton Metro Station and Bethesda. Stops along the way will include the University of Maryland Research Park now called the Discovery District, Federal Installations and several stops across the College Park Campus. Our District 22 Team intervened to restore the open design of the elevated portion of the Purple Line at Kenilworth Avenue and East-West Highway when the Hogan Administration tried to “save money” by replacing the open, business and community friendly design with what the neighbors called a “Trump Wall” – a concrete wall with a tiny cut-through that looked like a mouse hole on the renderings presented to the community.

The transformation of the Route 1 Corridor continues. Among the recent changes: A new Whole Foods anchors a mixed-use development fronting US 1 in Riverdale Park, with a new bridge over the railroad tracks to access the Discovery District and the College Park Metro Station area.

The University of Maryland wants to “rebrand” Route 1 as “Baltimore Avenue,” but the transformation of the corridor includes much more that the stretch that has that name. South on Route 1, where it is called Rhode Island Avenue, we are seeing even more progress. Artworks Now and Pizzeria Paradiso are thriving and Shortcake Bakery just had a Grand Re-opening of their rehabbed building next to the Skate Park. At least a few other new ventures are also coming soon in the area locals are now calling “SoHy” for South Hyattsville.

Scholarships this year. To apply go to my website here and print out an application. Fill it out and mail to my Annapolis office: 6 Bladen St. Room 150, Annapolis, MD 21401.

I look forward to hearing from you about these or other issues of concern to you.

Until next time, feel free to contact me at my Annapolis Office, 301-858-3961 or by email at Anne.Healey@house.state.md.us or at delegatehealey@gmail.com You can also follow me on Twitter or on Facebook.

anne healey

Anne Healey