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Delegate Anne Healey

When Delegate Healey was President of the Women's Caucus, she and her team worked together to create this video celebrating brief segments of the 50-year history of The Women Legislators of Maryland, Legislative Caucus, the Maryland General Assembly.

Read Delegate Healey's 2022 End of Session Message HERE.


Delegate Anne Healey is a lifelong Democrat who proudly serves in the Leadership of the Maryland House of Delegates as Chair of the Rules and Executive Nominations Committee. She has represented District 22 in the House since 1991.

Anne and her husband, Neal, have lived in the same house in Old Hyattsville since their marriage in 1979. “We love our community and chose to raise our family here,” said Delegate Healey. Both Anne and Neal have always been active in their church and community in Prince George’s County.

Anne is originally from Scranton, PA, where she grew up in a blue-collar family. Her Dad was a letter carrier in the Pittston, PA Post Office and served as president of the National Association of Letter Carriers for many years. Her Mom, originally from Jersey City, NJ, nurtured her family as a full-time home maker.

As a young girl, Anne was moved by stories of the Civil Rights Movement and was inspired by President John F. Kennedy. She became active in Democratic politics in 8th Grade, working on a mayor’s race in Scranton. She moved to the Washington area to attend graduate school and began a career in journalism in 1974. She started as a reporter for The Catholic Standard, the newspaper for the Archdiocese of Washington, and later became editor of three different weekly newspapers: The Catholic Review in Baltimore, The Prince George’s Post-Sentinel and the Prince George’s Post.

In her years as a member of the House of Delegates, Anne has been a trusted leader in promoting education, public safety and economic development in the State. She has sponsored successful legislation on a wide range of issues, from protecting vulnerable adults from domestic violence to making the tax code fairer and more progressive. She has been an outspoken advocate for working people, for the needy and vulnerable and for Prince George’s County.

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