Thank you for your interest in my Maryland State Delegate Scholarship Program. Scholarship funds are available to full or part-time students who will attend any eligible Maryland institution during the academic year. Students must be residents of Legislative District 22. They may be enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, post- secondary career, vocational or professional studies program.

Scholarships will range from $200 to approximately $2,000. Scholarships are for one year, but applicants may apply for additional assistance in subsequent years. My scholarship selection committee will review applications and recommend potential scholarship recipients. Selection of recipients will be based upon certain criteria, including academic achievement, academic goals, and the likelihood of completing a college degree or certification in a program, as well as demonstrated commitment to service in our community.

Please arrange for a letter of reference to be emailed to the Delegate’s email address:

It may be written by a teacher, an employer, or any individual who may have knowledge of your work/school experience or achievement.

The scholarship application review process will be completed by mid-summer, at which time you will be notified of our decision. If you have any questions, call my office at 301-858-3961.


To apply, download and complete the scholarship application form.

The scholarship application submission deadline is April 1st.

Completed applications should be emailed to:
Subject: Scholarship


All documents ( including the letter of recommendation sent on behalf of the applicant) MUST be submitted by email. No paper submissions will be accepted.

Please make sure that all of the emails related to your application contain in the subject : SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FOR (YOUR NAME).


For more information, please contact my office at 301-858-3961.